A roundup of top Lifestyle & Home and Home and Garden videos from video-sharing websites www.wonderhowto.com, www.5min.com and www.ehow.com, recorded on Friday, March 18.


How to get rid of moss on your lawn
This video addresses the reasons why moss grows on lawns and offers tips on how to get rid of the plant and how to prevent it from returning. One of the key points in the video is that in order to prevent the growth of moss the lawn must be well maintained and regularly fed.

How to Remove Wine from Carpet
This video tutorial shows how to remove any red wine that may have spilled on a carpet. The video recommends immediate action, using a absorbent towel or cloth to remove wine straight after the spillage has occurred. Once excess wine has been removed with the towel, the video suggests applying a detergent to the affected area and blotting it with a towel.

How to Replace a Light Switch
This DIY tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to replace a light switch - the video explains how to identify the type of light switch in question and what each of  the different colored wires in the switch represent.