A round-up of the most watched videos in the category Lifestyle & Home on how-to video-sharing website Videojug.


Baking, DIY, decoration and dancing are the themes of this week's four new entries.

This week's top video 'how to repair holes in walls before painting' shot straight into the number one spot. The video instructs DIY enthusiasts to be patient and to sand the area before tackling the re-painting.

Another one of this week's new entries also takes a DIY theme, 'how to install invisible books shelves' shows an innovative way to arrange your books on a wall without using traditional book shelves. However  as the video warns any DIY enthusiast attempting to install these shelves will have to sacrifice at least one thick book as it will be fitted with a bracket and attached to the wall.

Christmas videos remain popular in this week's charts and though it maybe a little late in the year new seasonal entry 'how to make Christmas pudding' offers simple step by step instructions on how to make next year's seasonal sweet treat.

The other new entry this week the tongue in cheek 'how to grind' offers some dubious dancing advice which is probably best not followed.

With "+/-" indicating a change in position, the most watched videos on Videojug*, Thursday, December 16 recorded at 2:00 pm GMT, are:

1.       How To Repair Holes In Walls Before Painting (total views: 125,950) new entry
2.       How To Make A Christmas Tree Bauble (total views: 429,790) -1
3.       How To Make A Christmas Centrepiece (total views: 128,524) -1
4.       How To Make A Christmas Wreath (total views:96,952) -1
5.       How To Knit A Scarf (total views:255,957) -1
6.       How To Make A Decorative Bow Out Of Ribbons (total views: 138,080) -1
7.       How To Grind (total views:151,670) new entry
8.       How To Install Invisible Shelves (total views: 525,370) new entry
9.       How To Make Christmas Pudding (total views: 36,738) new entry
10.     How To Fold A T-Shirt in 2 seconds - Explained (total views:1,147,121) -4

*Videojug (www.videojug.com) is an online video-sharing community with a focus on instructional videos in a number of disciplines.