A round-up of the most watched videos in the category Lifestyle & Home on how-to video-sharing website Videojug.


With three new entries, one re-entry and several shifts in position it is all change on this week's top lifestyle video charts.

This week Videojug users have been seeking out practical DIY advice with the tutorials "How to unblock a toilet" and new entry "How to replace a tap washer." The latter video tutorial offers the following advice: gather the appropriate tools, turn the water supply off, drain the system and then remove the "packing nut" at the top of the tap.

The other tutorial, "How to unblock a toilet," recommends  wearing gloves before you start and placing newspaper on the floor around the bottom of the toilet before beginning plunging.

This week's second new entry, "How to use chopsticks," provides a basic step-by-step guide on eating Asian cuisine in an authentic manner. Diners are advised to hold the first chopstick between the base of their thumb and ring finger and the second between the tip of their thumb and index finger to enable a pinching movement.

With "+/-" indicating a change in position, the most watched videos on Videojug* on Friday, January 7, recorded at 10:00 am GMT, are:

01.   How To Knit A Scarf (total views: 266,993) +2
02.   What To Do If You Catch Your Parents Having Sex (total views: 207,921) +3
03.   How To Fold A T Shirt In 2 Seconds- Explained (total views:1,153,495) +4
04.   How To Make A Cup Float In Mid Air (total views: 370,645) +4
05.   How To Install Invisible Shelves (total views: 531,265) +3
06.   How To Suck An Egg Into A Bottle (total views:212,601) new entry
07.   How To Use Chopsticks (total views: 208,256) new entry
08.   How To Replace A Tap Washer (total views: 53,334) new entry
09.   How To Talk To People Better Communication Skills (total views: 164,669) re-entry
10.   How To Unblock A Toilet (total views:  411,986)   -4

*Videojug ( www.videojug.com) is an online video-sharing community with a focus on instructional videos in a number of disciplines.