A review of recent developments in an area of general interest.

In January, a new US record was set for the most snow in a single day when 77 inches fell in a 24-hour period in Buffalo, NY.

In January, a common tern broke the record for the longest known flight by a wild bird when it flew well over 16,000 miles in a single journey from Finland to Australia.

In Rockford, Illinois, Janet Pasaye gave birth to the second of a pair of twins on 28 January, exactly 92 days after the first had been delivered. This is a new record for the longest time between twins.

In Bonn in April, an engineering student set a new speed record for in-line skates after holding on to the back of a Porsche as it towed him to a speed of 153 mph. He clung to a specially built rack on the back of the car.

In May, a Swiss buyer paid 16,100 Swiss francs (pounds 8,000) for a box of 25 Cuban cigars. The average of pounds 320 per cigar was a new record.

In May, Hugh Edeleanu set a new record of 22hr 10min 30 sec for driving a mechanical digger from John O'Groats to Lands End.