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Lancome One-Day Nail Varnish, pounds 8.50. Available from major department stores, good chemists and larger Boots. Thanks to a formula of Plastex and water you can peel off this polish without nail varnish remover (in fact normal remover doesn't shift it). It's quite pricey so buy the clear one as a base, then any nail varnish will come off this way. Don't imagine it will peel off as one piece though, it's much more fun to pick it off at leisure. Probably not set to revolutionise nail varnishes, but good for novelty value.

Cream beaded purse bag, pounds 24.99, Accessorize. Enquiries: 0171 313 3000. Wouldn't hold much more than card and keys, but it's perfect for the evening or a wedding - the colours are faded so it looks convincingly antique-y.

'Anacin' aspirin tablets, approx. $3, any drug store in the USA. All right, they're no more effective than any other aspirin for getting rid of a headache, but this tiny tin is great and you can use it again as a pill box. Set to become the cultish thing to get your friends to bring back from the States for you.

Fire Fighter, pounds 12, Origins. Enquiries: 0800 731 4039. This soothing after-shave lotion smells amazing and the camomile, cucumber and winterbloom will sort out and calm down any razor-scraped skin. Also doubles as a quick cure for little oven burns, spitting boiling water scalds, and other minor kitchen incidents. Rub it in fast though.

Outdoor Defence towelettes, 10 for pounds 5.50 and Outdoor Defence body spray, pounds 8.50, Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners. Enquiries: 0171 603 1611.

A much nicer way to discourage hungry mosquitoes nibbling at your flesh while you potter or sunbathe in your back garden. The spray smells delicious (it's full of citronella and other essential oils) and the towelettes are great to pack for walks and other sporty ventures.

Grey cotton bra (sizes 32B-36D), pounds 14, and knickers (sizes XS-XL), pounds 6, Gap. Enquiries: 0800 427 789.

Recently launched undies and night wear range from the Gap. As you'd expect, lots of comfy and plain cottons and mesh - more pretty than racy. The summer sleep wear is definitely worth a look.

Pink heart-shaped frameless sunglasses, pounds 40 (plus pounds 2 p&p), Sky Blue Pink. Mail order: 01280 840689.


The July sale season is fast approaching. Good news for bargain- hungry shoppers? I think not. Admittedly, nothing beats the smug feeling of revealing that the top you're wearing was half price, has no flaws, and you wanted it when it was full price as well. But honestly, how many times has this really happened? I shall be steering well clear. Fighting my way to a rail of bedraggled, odd-sized, lurid-coloured (and often seasons old) clothing is not my idea of fun shopping, it reminds me far too much of eating the left-overs at a buffet. Bleurgh!