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The Prisoner (U) VVL, pounds 24.99 Marking 30 years since its first airing, this digitally dusted-down box-set of the most analysed show in TV history offers artifice, suspense and a fantastically surreal storyline featuring Patrick McGoohan (right) as the enigmatic Number Six. HHHH

Bramwell (12) Carlton, pounds 14.99 Jemma Redgrave returns as the stalwart doctor in this beautifully shot series. The action is divided between Redgrave's makeshift hospital and the damp tenements where the women sit sewing and chastising their grubby children. Oh, and there's lots of blood. HHHH

Batman and Mr Freeze (PG) Warner, pounds 12.99 Following the catastrophically bad Batman and Robin a la George Clooney, Warner are tempering the public's fury with this agreeable animation of the cult comic strip. The graphics could be better, but the action is gripping all the same. HHH

A Word with Alf: Ugly Women & Other Sketches (PG) Carlton, pounds 9.99 Call me humourless, but is this really a sensible title for a video? We all know what this bastion of fascism is capable of, but to have it shoved in our faces before we have even opened the packaging is just too much. H