The Beano - Dennis the Menace Bumper Video Special (U), Polygram, pounds 9.99

Following on from their sadistic exploits in The Beano, Dennis and Gnasher cause all the usual mayhem as they put lime-flavoured jello cubes in the town's water supply, and are persuaded to rob a bank. HHH

The Beatles Diary - Life in the Fast Lane With the Driver Who Saw it All (U), IMC, pounds 12.99

So you thought you knew all there was to know about the Beatles (right)? I bet you haven't heard from their driver and "friend" Alf Bicknell. Yes, another self-important individual wheeled out to share his proud moments. Zzzzzzzz. H

Savage Earth: The Video (E), Warner, pounds 14.99

Granada has now released its spectacular natural disaster series on video. There's award-winning footage of the havoc unleashed by volcanoes and earthquakes in China, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico and Japan. With great narration from Ian Holm. HHHH

Jimmy Tarbuck's Nightmare Holes of Golf 1 & 2, (E), Carlton pounds 14.99

Jimmy Tarbuck casts his rambling judgement over five years of golfing gaffes from the worlds greatest players. Come back Beadle, all is forgiven! HH

Fiona Sturges