Air Force One (15). Anachronistic, jingoistic tosh (approved by the US military, no less), this preposterous thriller offers America the president it so dearly craves: Harrison Ford. When the presidential jet is hijacked by Kazakh terrorists (led by Gary Oldman, sporting a bad accent and worse hair), Ford's chief executive switches to action-hero mode, saving his family, his country, and the free world in the process. You'd think director Wolfgang Petersen, who came to prominence with the submarine- set Das Boot, would know a thing or two about claustrophobic suspense, but Air Force One is severely lacking in tension. The movie's greatest flaw is Andrew Marlowe's recklessly illogical script, which flirts with camp, but is ultimately too downright asinine to pull it off.

My Best Friend's Wedding (15). In her return to romantic comedy, a surprisingly unsympathetic Julia Roberts tries to break up her best friend (Dermot Mulroney) and his airheaded fiance (Cameron Diaz). Rupert Everett's character - the wisecracking, gay best friend - is pure cliche, but his spirited performance periodically enlivens the film, which is less bittersweet than sour. Director PJ Hogan (Muriel's Wedding) has tempered his garish streak, but not nearly enough: thanks to an ill-advised musical number, it's now no longer possible to listen to Say a Little Prayer without cringing.