Vodka Hot Shots

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Daquise 20 Thurloe Street, SW7 (0171-584 4944) Mad ancient cafe by South Kensington Tube, famous for its old stained glass window plaques and equally stained old people being treated with great, if gloomy, solicitude by the staff. Mashed potato served with an ice-cream scoop, excellent black pudding.

Borscht 'n' Tears 46 Beauchamp Place, SW3 (0171-584 9911) Thirty-year-old "Russian Polish" restaurant experienced by generations of students for its jolly ersatz Eastern bloc atmosphere. Kremlin burgers, loud live music, shots and Sloanes.

Wodka 12 St Albans Grove, W8 (0171-937 6513) Minimalist and scarcely nostalgic at all, this bar carries a mind-boggling range of vodkas, and excellent, multiple-choice blinis. Less hectic than the average vodka bar.

Red 4 Greek Street, W1 (0171-287 4448) Chrome meets Kremlin. This place is very red indeed, and popular with those who can't cram in to Sticky Brick's over the road. Staff picked for looks, food picked for advertising clientele; better for networking than crying over your lost icons.