OH THE dilemma. It's too chilly to wear your Birkenstocks with naked feet, but normal socks are just too ... normal. But here's the answer! Toe socks. Although the provenance of these socks is rather medical (the Japanese wear them for arthritis - the toe bits increase circulation) they are the only, only thing to wear with sandals. YMC originally made them to be worn with their foot-shaped sandals, but found they were being snapped up by people to stuff into their activity sandals. Although they take a moment longer to put on than your usual sock, so not for hungover mornings, once on they mould to your feet and warm them up nicely. Fashionable but cosy too. It's possible. AB

Crazy Feet socks, pounds 15 a pair, in lots of colours. Tel: 0171 613 5293 for stockists.