Shoe brand Vans, popular with street sport enthusiasts, came top of retail-related searches in Singapore, while bags from Swiss company Bally crept into the top ten. In the UK, discount retail outlet 99p Store came top of the searches while the newly released D3100 camera from Nikon and the Aspire 5315 Gemstone Laptop from Acer were ranked second and seventh respectively. In the US clothes dominated internet shopping searches with dresses and jackets being two of the top three entries.

Experian Hitwise* - Fast moving search terms under the industry category ‘Shopping and Classifieds', ranked by the largest percentage increase for the week ending August 21 compared with the week ending August 14.


1. Vans Mikalah white (new entry)
2. French comb (new entry)
3. affliction (new entry)
4. "mistakes to avoid in english" (new entry)
5. amazon jp en (new entry)
6. deep fryer (new entry)
7. Disney Cars Mega Bloks (new entry)
8. Funshion (new entry)
9. Michelin Energy XM1 (new entry)
10. Bally bag (new entry)

United Kingdom

1. 99p store (new entry)
2. Nikon D3100 (new entry)
3. 101 Ibiza anthems  (new entry)
4. Big Brother flood  (new entry)
5. Medion Akoya E6214 (new entry)
6. happy days are here again + guitar chords  (new entry)
7. Acer Aspire 5315 Gemstone Laptop (new entry)
8. Scrooge the musical (new entry)
9. diamond quality (new entry)
10. Polti Vaporetto Pocket team cleaner (new entry)

United States

1. plus size dresses for women (new entry)
2. BJ's Wholesale (new entry)
3. canvas mens jacket (new entry)
4. skirts with elastic waist (new entry)
5. plus size skirts for women (new entry)
6. Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 (new entry)
7. paper jamz (new entry)
8. Magellan 1440 (new entry)
9. adware free (new entry)
10. rompers (new entry)

*Experian Hitwise analyzes data from a diverse range of ISP networks representing all types of internet usage. The data is collected from a sample of 25 million people in locations around the world.