JILLY COOPER, writer: I hate practically all packaging.Quite often I want to tape a piece of music from the radio - by the time I've found the opening on the cellophane wrapper, broken my nails and got the tape in the machine, what I wanted to tape is over.

HARRY HILL, comedian: I hate polystyrene wrapping because it takes polystyrene away from people who are learning to swim.

MAVIS NICHOLSON, television presenter: Most packaging annoys me because it is excessive. It takes some doing to open a packet of biscuits without breaking them.

PRUE LEITH, cook and writer: I hate flimsy clingfilm boxes which buckle if you tear the film off.

EGON RONAY, food critic: How the hell do you get a toothbrush out of its packet? I go at it hammer and tongs and in the end I have to use scissors or a nail file.

SADIE LEE, artist: I can't stand anything that says "tear here" - it's more appropriate to say "spill here".

KEN LIVINGSTONE, MP: I hate all of it. Everything is put in plastic containers and then in a bag. It's appalling when you see our waste- bin at home full of plastic.

KEN RUSSELL, film director: A rolled-up copy of the Independent.

CATHERINE EVERETT-HEATH, editor: Vacuum-packed cheese. You have to use a sharp knife or scissors to hack open the plastic - then there's no point in putting the cheese back in the wrap.

DAVID ALI, milkman: Milk cartons and plastic bottles - they're wet and slippery and awkward to carry. Delivering you can only manage three cartons at most, whereas with bottles you can carry a crate.

MARY HOLLAND, assistant director, disability services, at Radar: I hate milk cartons and anything sealed in a plastic container, because they are practically impossible to open. Believe me, it's doubly difficult trying to do it with one hand.

STEPHEN ADCOCK, temp: Small Lucozade bottles, because if they've been in the shop for a while you need to be Samson to prise them open.

KITTY TIBBLES, pensioner: Oooh, there are lots of things. Frozen peas can be a demon. You can't open them unless you use scissors, then they come out so fast they're all over the floor.