Where shall we meet: Annabel's Patisserie

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There's patisserie and patisserie, and Annabel's serves the real McCoy. At the back of the narrow front premises is an airy room with a conservatory skylight covered in painted roses, dark pictures of farm animals, which look as though they are suffering from pastry overdoses, huge ferny things in pots and some of the ugliest off-the-peg display cabinets known to man.

If you sit with your back to these, though, the view is quite serene, and the tarte au citron would be good enough to make you swear if the surroundings weren't so genteel. Watch the breakfast, though: coffee, croissant and orange juice will set you back pounds 5.50.

Annabel's Salon de The, Wimbledon High St SW19 (081-947 4326).

Serena Mackesy

Tomorrow: The Goat in Boots, 333 Fulham Rd SW10.

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