Where shall we meet?: The Chelsea Bar

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The decor of most London hotels veers between saloon bar and tart's boudoir. Chelsea Hotel in Sloane Street is more of the frosted glass, black leather and chrome school popularised by Joe's Cafe. However, The Chelsea Bar still allows plenty of room between tables while charging relatively little for the privilege. Nuts are Indonesian and plentiful, house wine pounds 2.15 a glass or a tempting pounds 10.95 a bottle, Michelob and sundry American beers pounds 2.65, 33cl Perrier pounds 1.50. Cocktails include the Old Pal, a dangerous and unnecessary combination of whisky and campari which reduced my companion to a stammering jelly. Cool and comfortable, the Chelsea Bar is the cure for those shell-shocked by the first day of Harrods' sale.

The Chelsea Bar, Chelsea Hotel, 17 Sloane Street, SW1 (071-235 4377)

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