Main claim

Ange. To a generation of EastEnders-watchers, Anita Dobson is Angie Watts. Landlady of the nicotine-hued Queen Vic, and wife to the soap world's greatest bastard yet, Ange juggled victory and victimhood with the help of a frilly blouse and a gin bottle. Remember Roly, the dog? Remember Sharon, the piggy-eyed "princess"? Remember Angie's pill-popping? Anita Dobson may yet progress to Lady Macbeth and a damehood, but to us she will always be that iron-grinned bubble perm. Now, Anita and Leslie "Dirty Den" Grantham, will reunite in a drama series called The Stretch. But why don't they chuck in the thespy malarkey and return to the Vic where they belong? Bring back Arfur's allotment, Roly, the dog, and Den 'n' Ange, we say.


Poodle. Grin. Shark in bouffant wig. Stage-school owner. Female member of Queen.

Love locks

Dobson, 50, is also famous for going out with Brian May, a man whose bouffant mop matched Anita's with disturbing symmetry. May, guitarist with Queen, is worth an estimated pounds 50m. He and Anita enjoyed a 12-year relationship and a pounds 1.7m home in London's Holland Park, and an apparent fetish for curling tongs. They never married, never had children. Apart from her execrable rendition of the EastEnders theme tune, "Anyone Can Fall in Love", she has sung material by May. But the curly coupling was terminated in January. "I'm impossible to deal with," May has noted.

Stage queen

Dobson is your genuine thespy sort. No really, she's pretty good. She's trodden the boards in proper theatre for Steven Berkoff, and has won several awards. She's also penned that seminal socio-geographical tome, My East End.

Fame prospects

Fair if she continues to tread those boards. Red-hot if she does what we want her to do: totter back to Walford with a nice Continental tan, a toyboy and acting tips for those currently serving behind that bar. Hark! Thudding drum beats. A map of the Thames. Go for it, Angie, love.