Main Claim: Fabulously famous parental units. Unless she pulls off a Liza Minelli, Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger will be known for ever more as the daughter of Texan model Jerry Hall and rock dinosaur Mick Jagger: a couple so frantically famous, even relatively sensible rock-offspring nomenclature and a Hello!-free upbringing cannot prevent fame of the thrust- upon variety. To aid matters, Elizabeth has taken to the catwalk like a Jagger to the lens. Now she has been seen during London Fashion Week in yellow eyelashes and snagged pink tights modelling for Vivienne Westwood. It can only be a matter of time before Naomette Campbell and Katie Moss- Depp negotiate the catwalk in nappies.

Appearance: Jerry Hall in a tangle with a baby giraffe.

Fame Game: Elizabeth, 14, blessed with the enthusiastic orthodontic style of her mother instead of the industrial vacuum-cleaner features of her father, is a naturally blessed catwalk commodity. Signed by Models One, her parents insist she complete her education before she comes over all Naomi. But to buck the trend of a generation of modellettes famous for being famous, there's the Valerie Campbell reverse-and-play method.

Family Values: Elizabeth is elder sister to James, Georgia and Gabriel, and half sister to Jade and Karis. Whereas Jade has inherited the famed paternal "child-bearing lips" and plies a nice line in tights adverts, jewellery, Hello! shoots, boyfriends and granddaughters, Elizabeth has yet to break out of the parental fastnesses and explain herself to the waiting world.

Riches to Riches: In true

do-as-I-say manner, Elizabeth has had an upbringing more suited to a braying toff than the daughter of a notoriously wild swinger and a drawling Texan ever ready with her bedroom quotes. Jagger-Hall productions feature Eton, not Dartford Grammar; Richmond, New York, Mustique and the Loire Valley rather than Tex-Mex rodeo towns. Whereas Jerry was discovered in St Tropez, Elizabeth hangs out with Marie Helvin and models alongside her mother in Paris.

Fame Prospects: Revoltingly good. Witness the fashion world's sticky embrace of Stella McCartney, mysteriously the coolest girl in the fashion universe. When Elizabeth finally models for Chloe, and Mick and Paul are larging it in the audience, we can all officially throw up.