MAIN CLAIM: The girl named after a penis-shaped tower and a walking surgical miracle has only her parents to blame for her principal claim to fame. However, she has hurried it along somewhat by precociously taking to catwalk and studio with looks not normally associated with the term "model". Now, Ivanka, 16, daughter of property tycoon Donald and ex-wife Ivana, is featured along with Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell at the New York Spring/Summer '98 collections. Strange, that.

APPEARANCE: Donald Trump at a drag ball. Ivana pre-tangle with scalpel. Plain east European teenager with unexpectedly good legs. Teletubby meets tights ad.

SUPER BRAT: Young Ivanka first came to our attention as a mere infant posed with mother, and suspiciously veered for some years between purest mouse, deepest dishwater and platinum blonde. Of a starry modelling career, little hope there seemed.

SUPER "MODEL": Many a super has claimed an ugly duckling start in life. And let us not entirely overlook the brandname surname and the world's most publicity-friendly millionaire parents. Young Ivanka recently joined the Elite model agency at the age of 15. "Of course," says the Donald, "she's not like most kids because of her parents' circumstances. That doesn't mean we can't help her mature into a normal successful young lady."

DADDY'S GIRL: The Trumpette was given a credit card for her 13th birthday, attends a posh school in New York, holiday in Gstaad, the Bahamas etc, courtesy of Daddy's private Boeing and resides in Ivana's Manhattan town house.

FAME PROSPECTS: Ivanka is the Stella Tennant, the Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, the Stella McCartney of the US scene. Namely, churlish suggestions abound about lack of beauty, paucity of talent and abundance of connections. But she might, at a future date, do a nice line in divorces, facial transformation, or ghosted novels. For instance.