Main Claim:

Kiddy TV and All Saints. Jamie's newly found fame rests as much on his cool rating (from being the main squeeze of a combat-garbed All Saint) as his television career. Thus his claims to fame militate against each other in a higgledy-piggledy mix of cred and naffness. This week, however, sees our hero's glorious acme of achievement with his nomination as Britain's Best Dressed Man. Congratulations, young man.


Pair of Fuzzy Felt eyebrows complete with George Michael stick-on frown.

Cool Dude:

Brighton-raised Jamie, 27, first came to our attention as a youngpeople's presenter, suitably attired in "fun" jumper, sporting large grin. A moderately handsome youth, blessed with brows so mobile he presents Top of the Pops as though perpetually pained, surprised, or caught in a frenzy of emotion, he appeals largely to prepubescent tastes. His transition from Live and Kicking's presenter to heart-throb has required a couple of years, a predilection for the combat trouser, and a few clever haircuts. Dating All Saints' Natalie Appleton did for Jamie what Michael Hutchence did for Kylie Minogue, and his fame was assured. After all, the path from aching naffery to quirky cool is treacherous but well trodden: see Kyles, Leo Sayer, June Whitfield, BarbaraWindsor, etc.

Clothes Horse:

Natalie Appleton was reduced to fits of mirth by Jamie's sartorial coup. "I had three major problems this morning," he says of hearing of his triumph. "The first was my girlfriend, who's still in hysterics. Second was dealing with the iron, which I haven't done for a long time, and third was what to wear." The British Menswear Council comments: "There's no doubtJamie's personal style has helped him to be a success in his profession." Adds Jamie of his honour: "My mum will be thrilled."

Spice Boy:

When interviewing All Saints or their "rivals", the Spice Girls, Jamie shows a lack of objectivity, being drawn into shoulder-rubbing mateyness and exchanges of irreverent in-talk on romantic issues. Named number 74 in the Sun's "100 Sexiest Men" poll, he combines on-screen flirting with an obligatory streak of cynicism, and hey presto, we have a Live and Kicking presenter interviewing major pop acts.

Fame Prospects:

Jamie is not likely to remain forever in a John Noakes-style haze of nostalgia. His own chart show may be only a matter of time. But so may the All Saints' demise. Jamie should consider dating a member of Cleopatra or fathering a girl-group infant. Very Jamie. Very now.