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Main Claim: A little matter of a familiar surname. Oh, and a familiar pair of lips.

Appearance: The sum is superior to the parts. Daughter of dinosaur bad lad Mick Jagger and renowned beauty - sorry, political activist - Bianca, Jade sports downward-sloping eyes, skinny hair and faintly goofy teeth. However, she is eternally groovy. Her sex appeal is of the scruffy, girlie Notting Hill breed, all hand-swamping sleeves and hair-hooking ears. See Helena Bonham Carter, Imogen Stubbs, Tara Fitzgerald, Kate Hardie and sister Soho bohos in slip dresses.

Stop Press: The hot news this week is that 25-year-old Jade is alleged to have left the perfectly hunky, Hello!-featured father of her children. She has been spotted beside a fairly scruffy youth sporting a ponytail. Let's face it, the parental precedent was set long ago. As Jerry Hall's stepdaughter - at least for this week - and as one of a scrum of half- siblings by three mothers (Hall, Jagger and Marsha Hunt), Jade is already familiar with interesting family set-ups. She has lived her youth in glossy domestic-bliss AbFab-style house, tasty boyfriend, sweet babies. This is the wild-child way: premature grown-up activity precedes precocious domesticity. A second bout of fun tends to set in during the mid-20s (see Amanda de Cadenet). "In some ways, my childhood led me to mature earlier than most people," says Jade. "I got pregnant not because I was wild but because I am maternal."

We Are Family: Jade is not Mick's one and only little princess. Karis is his daughter by Hair-actress-turned-writer Marsha Hunt. Elizabeth Scarlett is a pre-pubescent Jerry Hall lookee-likee, and young Georgia is a pretty toddler type. Son James is heading for Eton. A rebel to the end, Mick.

Family Values: Piers Jackson, Jade's partner of eight years and father of cute daughters, has always seemed like the perfect boyfriend. His cheekbones are better than hers, his hair's nearly as long, and he paints nice bright pictures. Lots of famous people (Bianca Jagger Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, for example) come to Piers and Jade's art shows. They met on a flight to Florence, where Jade, then 17, was embarking upon a short course in Renaissance art. Nice to know they've seen a bit of real life, then.

Wild Child: Jade followed the rock-kid curriculum with admirable dedication: sex, parties, trouble. Expelled from her swank all-girls' boarding school for sneaking out of the dorm and into the arms of her boyfriend, Jade was confined to Mick's Loire Valley chateau for a month, poor pet.

Model Future: The diminutive Jaggerette is now a model. She has an agent and a contract with Pretty Polly tights. Why do model agencies sternly spout the five-foot-nine-or-you're-wasting-our-time stuff when all you've got to do is be short, vaguely pretty and willing to make lots of money? Why do scouts tear about discos, airports and playgrounds when in fact you can start as a 25-year-old mother of two? "She has a rare, timeless kind of beauty," a fashion buff explains.

Fame Prospects: Jade paints pretty and trendy pictures of things like bright flowers. They're easy on the eye. Some critics would like them to be a little more hard on the eye, tortured on the soul, and, well, meaningful. La Jaggerette exploits her publicity potential only in a tasteful, pretending-not-to manner. For true fame, she should become an actress, or date one of Carla Bruni's family. Alternatively, she could maintain her subdued glamour, as a sort of Princess Caroline of West London.