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Main claim

Playboy with a hairdryer. The multi-millionaire is the pashmina of the modelling world - smooth, indispensable and draped round many a shoulder. Our hero of the moment is also co-owner of Hamilton's Gallery in London's Mayfair and heir to a family fortune. Back to the sex bit: latest news on the snogging front is that Elle Macpherson's former squeeze has been much photographed hand-in-hand and in mid-smacker with Claudia Schiffer. Dining out for the skinny super's 29th birthday and cruising on Valentino's yacht together, as you do, the couple has spent two weeks in the sun. A spokesman for Schiffer helpfully remarks, "I can tell you she is just having fun right now." Whatever happened to that soulful, simian fiance David Copperfield, another aficionado of the humble hairdryer?


James Bond meets Kennedy cousin. Mel Gibson meets aftershave model in boxer shorts.

Boy power

Tim Jeffries, 37, and 6ft 3in, is also known as the Green Shield stamps heir. Tim is said to be worth about pounds 50m, though some quarters deny this. Folklore also informs us he is singularly well-endowed. But does a large lunchbox mean a large appetite, readers? The boyfriend of Elle "The Body" Macpherson for three years, he is also reported to have stepped out with models Deniece Lewis, Terri May, Ines Sastre and Ingrid Seynhaeve. Our Lothario once married Koo Stark. A quiet family man, then.

Home life

Our protagonist was raised in West Sussex where his mother separated from his artist father when Tim was but seven. He married Koo, to family displeasure, shortly after her royal romance, but split within a year and a half. His first girlfriend is reported to have said, "When God gave out brains he gave Tim marbles."

Fame prospects

Tim Jeffries is fast becoming the playboy of the Western world. Muscled, car-mad and utterly English, he could be the James Bond of the new millennium. Or he could pen a useless column for the Sunday Times, start a wig company, or duel with David Copperfield. Better still, he could buy himself a model agency.