Sock-mops that allow cats to polish floors, a plastic frill that takes the fear out of noodle-eating, a stand to rest your neck on during long seatless journeys on Tube trains - what you see here are works of genius, you surely can't argue with that? They come from Japan and are called chindogu: they conform to strict rules - the invention must be (almost) completely useless, the object must be made but not really used and so forth. Genius? you ask. What sort of genius? Genius for genius's sake Hay fever hat

The all day tissue dispenser

Having hay fever is bad enough, but running out of hankies turns misfortune into misery. So, don't run out! The Hay Fever Hat supports a large loo roll, enough to cope with heavy blowing and incessant sneezing from dawn till dusk

Clean-up slippers

Let nifty footwork do the housework

A little piece of fluff or a scrap of paper on the floor hardly justifies wheeling out the vacuum cleaner, or even rushing to the cupboard for the dustpan and brush. But it is none the less unsightly, and a source of irritation to those who like to keep the house just so. Clean-up slippers have a left toe-mounted mini dustpan and a right toe-mounted mini brush (reversable for the left-footed), which allow the wearer to deal with even the smallest blemish as it is encountered. This way a stroll around the house practically does the cleaning for you Vertigo soothing glasses

Keep solid ground in sight

Today's high-rise office blocks can strike terror into the hearts of the vertigo suffering salaryman. So what do you do when career advancement means a move to the 40th floor? The vertigo soothing glasses can't bring you back down to earth, but they can bring the earth up to eye level, for that comforting "close-to-the-solid-ground" feeling Butterstick

Why dirty a knife?

Somewhere beyond the lipstick, gluestick and the stick deodorant comes the latest in stick-type-applicator-technology: the butterstick. Its manner of use is self-evident. Besides toast, it is useful for buttering corn on the cob and crumpets; less useful, unfortunately, for buttering rice and peas. Note also that, when cold from the fridge, the butterstick may have a tendency to "flay" soft bread .The noodle eater's hair guard

Helps rapid lunchers protect expensive coiffeur

The Samurai hairstyle may have been an ancient and artful solution to the problem of maintaining follicular hygiene at mealtimes. Fashion has changed, and this age-old problem has returned. The modern solution is the Noodle Eater's Hair Guard. In stylish candy pink moulded plastic it fits neatly into briefcase or handbag Duster slippers for cats

For feline assistance with tedious housework

Now the most boring job around the house becomes hours of fun. Not for you, but for your cat! With these dust-dislodging foot socks, cats can play their part in easing the pressure of domestic chores. Lazy cats are, of course, much less productive than excitable ones, but this problem can be overcome if you introduce a dog into the house Commuter's helmet

For secure subway snoozing

The Commuter's Helmet sports a message to fellow travellers, reading, "I'm having a short nap. Could you please wake me up when I reach the stop printed below. Many thanks." The suction pad on the back of the helmet keeps the head firmly in place, thus preventing the sleeper's head from lolling intrusively on the shoulders or laps of his or her neighbours. This courtesy will no doubt be appreciated, and the reciprocal favour of a timely awakening is more likely to be achieved .Walk'n'Wash

Makes washing day a stroll in the park

Some choices are hard, especially when guilt enters the frame. You'd like to go for a walk, but you ought to be doing the laundry. Well now you can do both. The Walk'n'Wash comprises a pair of polythene tanks, one for each leg, with the capacity to hold two litres of laundry and water. So it's wash on the right leg, then rinse on the left (or vice versa, according to your personal preference). The weight of the tanks turns walking into a workout, making this a triple-barrelled Chindogu Portable subway strap

Don't give up, hang up

Perhaps the simplest device so far devised in the imaginative commuter- aid department of Chindogu. You haven't got a seat (not even a portable one) and there isn't even room to unfold the Commuter's Chin Stand (not shown). Worse still, all the straps are taken - except the one you keep in your briefcase. The Portable Subway Strap has a plunger-type sucker attached to one end that fastens securely to the roof of the train. The suction is just strong enough to take the weight off your feet, just weak enough to be removed with a firm pull when you reach your destination. And just useful enough to be the envy of your strapless fellow passengers Finger-mounted toothbrush

Oral hygiene at your fingertips

When it comes to perfect oral hygiene, there's one thing that always gets between you and your teeth - the handle of your toothbrush. We have removed this cumbersome impediment, and made toothbrushing a more hands on, or fingers on, experience. You can vary the pressure according to the sensitivity of individual teeth, and get in close to do more delicate work Umbrella shoe savers

Extends the life of expensive footwear

The conventional umbrella offers proportionately decreasing protection from precipitation for the lower parts of the body. The latest in the Chindogu range of improved umbrella technology goes right where you need it most - on the long-suffering shoe. The mini-canopies have a full 30cm diameter guaranteed to keep the rain off the full front of foot area. Take off the umbrellas when you get where you're going, and your bone dry shoes look as good as they did when you put them on.

Note The generous width of the umbrellas means that care must be taken when walking not to bring the feet too close together