Win Playstations and Pandemonium 2

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One of the hit Playstation games of last Christmas was BMG's weird and wonderful psychedelic platformer Pandemonium. Now the sequel has arrived, and to celebrate its release BMG are offering London Eye readers the chance to win two Playstations, five copies of Pandemonium 2 and 10 Pandemonium 2 T-shirts.

Pandemonium 2 puts you in the shoes of either a pyromaniacal fool or a spell-slinging sorceress and sends you through 20 levels of warped landscapes. The game promises a greater range of character moves, even better 3-D graphics and more bizarre humour. Send your details on a postcard to: Eye/ Pandemonium 2 Offer, 31 Gt Marlborough St, London W1V 1HA. Usual Newspaper Publishing rules apply.