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Just how long can I go without featuring a bra on these pages? Not long. But the thing I really liked about this one, from Marks & Spencer's new "Gardenia" collection is that it goes up to a size 40DD, which, considering how gorgeous it is, is rather a refreshing change. Normally us bigger girls have to make to with straps the size of weight-lifting belts, and so many fastenings at the back that hooking yourself into or out of it becomes a yoga move.The bra (style 2678) costs pounds 15, in sizes 32B-40DD. The matching high-leg knickers (3221) cost pounds 6.50 and come in sizes 8/10 to 20/22 (again, nice and generous). Colours are purple, white, cream, red and black.

Oh, come, come now. What is all this fuss about brown? Rarely have I seen nearly sane women gripped by such confusion. How can I wear it? What do I wear with it? What shoes do I wear? Calm down, calm down as Harry Enfield's Terry from Brookside would say. It's only a colour. And you can wear it with other colours including all that black stuff you already have, or all on its own (although I think all brown is as naff as can be). If you're wearing a brown bottom then wear brown shoes, if you're wearing a black bottom then you can wear black shoes. And your tights should be the same colour as your shoes, or sheer natural. It's not that difficult. And, before it became "a trend" we all managed to wear brown perfectly well. Breathe, breathe ...