The company that do those kitsch yet desirable hair slides and crunchies are now making rather fab handbags...
REMEMBER a couple of years or so ago when everyone was wearing those hair bobbles with roses attached? They were featured in tons of magazines and the caption would always read "Available mail order from Johnny Loves Rosie"? Well, that very same mail order company is also responsible for this really lovely suede bag, this week's "Yes Please".

Although Johnny Loves Rosie will be six years old on April Fool's Day, the handbags are still relatively new (they were introduced last summer) and I wouldn't think of JLR immediately for pretty little bags. This bag comes from a selection of three basic types - you can get ones which are this shape but in plain suede without the tassels (in 8 different colours), and they cost pounds 29.95. Or, there are ones with longer glass beads (more expensive because of the beads at pounds 79.95), and then ones like the one pictured (a shorter fringe of plastic beads) for pounds 49.95.

I know that the bag isn't dead cheap but then it is really dinky and very well-made with a lovely turquoise lining. It's very handbag-sized (not for big work files) and is much prettier than the glut of black nylon bags that the high street has been palming us off with of late. I wouldn't leave it knocking around on the floor (nor would I rest it on the pavement at a bus stop) because the pale pastel will get very dirty very quickly.

The bag isn't actually in the Johnny Loves Rosie catalogue, but if you call 0171 247 1496 you can just choose which one you want over the phone. Pay by credit card or cheque and it's pounds 1.95 p&p. I like mail order; it's much fairer because no-one is excluded. They will deliver anywhere in the UK but it may take up to 4 weeks to arrive (it looks a bit summery so one must wait).

While we're at it, Johnny Loves Rosie are still doing those rose pony tail bobbles (from pounds 5.95) and clips (from pounds 7.95), and they're also now doing brightly-coloured marabou feather scrunchies and clips (same kind of prices) which would actually look nice in your hair (see "No Thank You"). I must also mention JLR emery boards; they are playfully decorated with pictures of ice-creams, gardening tools, and cats. They cost pounds 2 and as I'm rather cautious about how much money I spend at the moment, I think they are very suave.