Good Day for prostitution, as members of that profession in Mexico City reached agreement with the authorities on conditions under which they would be allowed to ply their trade. In the first accord of its type, they signed an agreement not to wear skirts more than four fingers above the knee, or see-through clothing before 10pm. The will also not solicit near schools or churches and will not roam the streets between 6am and midday. They will also refrain from drinking while on duty and will all be women.

Bad Day for Libya, as Colonel Gaddafi warned that Western countries might invade Libya because of its sun, sand, seashore, watermelons and camel milk. Libyan sand is of high quality, he said and "the camel is also a reason for them to invade Libya".

Unpopular Day for eggs, as a petrol station in Thailand reported the results of a survey that offered customers the choice between a free egg and a free copy of the country's new draft constitution. Figures revealed that more than four times as many constitutions were given away as eggs.