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Good Day for dogfood, as a publican in Letchworth, Cambs, discovered what had happened to pounds 160 missing from the day's takings: the dog ate it. Richard and Kate Knight, were mystified until they heard their two- year-old daughter telling the cleaner that she had taken the money to play with, and the dog had eaten it. "We have tried to talk to her about it and explain. But she's only two-and-a-half and they don't understand at that age," said Mrs Knight. "She's never done anything like it before. Nor has the dog."

Bad Day for brothels, as Cambodian prostitutes report a drop in business caused by political turmoil and general unrest. "Before the fighting we used to get 10 customers a day but now we get only two," said the proprietress of a brothel at Svay Pak. One of her staff added: "It's quiet all the time. I'm thinking about going back to Vietnam to become a cook."

Confusing Day for African golden moles, which, according to genetic research to be published in Nature, have more in common with elephants and manatees than with the European garden mole.