Good Day for Marta, a one-year-old Moscow Circus elephant that had been born blind. In an operation performed by Russia's leading eye surgeon, the clouded lens of her left eye was replaced by a specially made artificial lens. Doctors in Svyatoslav Fedorov's team said that the biggest problem was determining how much anaesthetic to administer. The elephant's legs were chained together during surgery in case they had miscalculated.

Bad Day for Teardrop, an 8ft-long boa constrictor which had to be operated on at an animal clinic in Oregon after it had eaten a heating pad, cord and control unit. According to the vet, the pad was "warm and fuzzy and had some hard objects inside that must have felt something like bones".

Well-Dressed Day for taxi drivers, as a new law in Malaysia imposed a dress code of white shirt and dark trousers for cabbies in Kuala Lumpur. Any improperly dressed will face fines of about pounds 75.

Good Hair Day for Kalevala in northern Russia, where workers are to be paid in free trips to the hairdresser's and fishing licences.