Good Day for Roy Sanders, 43, a builder on a site in South Carolina, who was talking to a 20-year-old co-worker and discovered that the young man, Jeff Roberts, was his son, given for adoption at birth. "On my 18th birthday I made a promise to myself," said Roberts: "`If I have not found my father by the time I'm 21, I'm gonna give up'. I'll be 21 in two months."

Bad Day for rapists, as the Peruvian Congress voted to repeal a 1924 law that lets rapists go free if they marry their victims.

Chaste Day for footballers, as the Costa Rican national squad were banned from having sex until after the current round of World Cup qualifying matches. The manager, Horacio Cordero, said: "I need all the players in full possession of their physical and mental faculties for the games against Mexico and the United States."

Good Day for long dresses, as a bride was barred from a wedding in Zimbabwe for wearing a miniskirt. Her groom was later arrested and fined for arguing with security and police officers.