Good Day for Scots, as Scottish was voted the nation's favourite accent in a poll conducted by the mobile phone company Cellnet.

Bad Day for Scots, as the Home Counties accent was voted the one people find most trustworthy. with 39 per cent of respondents voting for it. The Scottish accent trailed well behind with only 15 per cent finding it the most trustworthy, compared with the 18 per cent who had voted it their favourite accent.

Good Day for people who work in sports stadiums in France, who now have a word - stadiers (or stadieres if female) to describe themselves. The new words come from the newly formed General Commission on Terminology and Neology, formed to keep the French language up to date and prevent anglicisms from seeping in.

Bright Day for Greeks, as a study reported that one in ten Greek males suffers from erection and premature ejaculation problems, and one in four Greek women fails to reach orgasm. The findings, which were announced by the Hellenic Sexology Association, were blamed on the pressures of modern living.