Good Day for iguanas, as the Nicaraguan authorities imposed a fine of 50 cordobas (pounds 3.50) on anyone caught eating a green iguana. The ban on iguana-eating will be in effect until the end of April, a period that includes Holy Week, when iguana and vegetable soup and breaded iguana are traditional dishes in Nicaragua.

Bad Day for venison, as two workers at Wuhan zoo in central China were arrested and charged with killing and eating one of the zoo's fallow deer, which is a protected animal. The workers are reported to have come up with the idea over a game of cards.

Poor Day for horsemeat, as Robert Peeters, one of Belgium's biggest dealers in horsemeat, says he will have to close within a few years. Supply has become scarce as tractors have replaced draught horses "Tractors make lousy sausages," he said.

Bright Day for the Komodo dragon, as Muffin, a lizard on loan to a zoo in Virginia, became the first Komodo dragon to have a cataract successfully removed. Muffin is 6ft long and weighs 42lb.