Your office: touchy-feely or terror-stricken?

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So is fear the prime motivator in your organisation? Just answer yes or no to these questions:

1 Are changes explained (not imposed)?

2 Do people accept their targets are realistic?

3 Do they understand what they are working towards (in other words is there a clear vision)?

4 Does top management understand what really worries people - ie do they listen?

5 Has management recently conducted an assessment to identify what makes it harder for people to perform well?

6 Are staff informed of opportunities for individual advancement - as opposed to jobs for the boys?

7 Do people have all the information required to do their jobs effectively?

8 Do you trust the top layers of management to operate in the best interests of the company (as opposed to their own best interests)?

9 Do all staff understand how they are regarded and what they should do to improve their chances of promotion?

10 Is your office free of political machinations and malicious gossip

The verdict: if your organisation scored 10 yeses, stick at it. Seven or eight? Par for the course but there may be things you can work on. Five? Look to leadership; is it working to improve or accepting the status quo? Three or under? Get out fast. While you can.