A stockbroker’s review of the London Stock Exchange website's new features

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Whether you are a trader working to analyse the FTSE 100 Index or you are a private investor, it is important to utilise the many tools available to help you to stay ahead of the game and be on top when it comes to making key stock and share decisions.

One of the newest tools that you can now take advantage of is the London Stock Exchange’s recently updated website, which now offers new data and complimentary services for its registered users.

It has been nearly one month since the Exchange's new website was launched. The goal of the revamp of this site was to cater to the needs of the retail community and to do so in a way that would increase functionality on the Stock Exchange's online portal.

Now, users will find that the new services available on the homepage and spread across the rest of the site will only enhance their previous experiences with this already popular resource.

There have been many changes and additions made to the stock exchange's website, and now, we can take the time to look at what changes have been made and how you can use them to your advantage.

In order to reach your financial goals, the designers of the new London Stock Exchange website provide users with the most up-to-date data available on international markets and share trading, as well as daily news updates through live newsfeeds from Dow Jones and Digital Look.

It’s important to note how the design of the website has been made to be particularly user-friendly. While all brokers will be able to use the resource with little hassle, those who aren’t working on the trading floor every day will be able to take advantage of this new service, too.

Apart from the home page, which offers personalised news updates and information on the FTSE 100 Index, users will also find a series of tabs that help to divide the remaining content of the website.

For instance, under the ‘prices and markets’ tab you can search for the current prices for all companies listed on the exchange. The ‘news and finance’ tab provides you with up-to-the-minute business news that affects the stock market, and the ‘statistics’ tab provides quantitative information. Lastly ‘products and services’, helps to explain what you can do with the London Stock Exchange.

Users can remain informed on all things related to the UK stock market by taking advantage of the new additions to the London Stock Exchange website by viewing their personal finance news page, which includes regular news updates for the private investor community.

Furthermore, if you are an investor who is thinking of investing shares in new companies or looking to entertain your stock options, you’ll find enhanced company summaries and be offered fundamental information about each company trading on the exchange.

The London Stock Exchange has over 500 member firms and quotes more than 3,000 companies across Europe. On top of this, the exchange's international presence is seen in the fact that it also represents about 600 other businesses from 70 countries throughout the World. Upon seeing these numbers, it becomes clear rather quickly that by registering with the stock exchange website and connecting to this Web service, you will be exposed to an incredible amount of information for many companies not just based in Europe, but throughout the world.

So, whether you’re looking to make the wise choice to invest in companies listed on the FTSE 100 Index or even if you’re aiming to invest in a newer, start up company, the chances are that you will find some good background information about these institutions before you put your pounds down.

Perhaps one of the greatest conveniences that the newly updated site provides for registered users is its free alert service and weekly newsletter. This useful update not only consists of a weekly focus section that addresses current topics in the market with expert commentary from the exchange, but it also provides quarterly discussion articles that examine the wider issues affecting today’s markets. This way, users are provided with a summary of what goes on week to week.

Even if you are not well acquainted with finance but would like to educate yourself so that you can become a successful shareholder, the new London Stock Exchange website is a great place to start.

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