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A HIGHLY choreographed event which might possibly go unnoticed by many today is the National Synchronised Swimming Championships. This week the Candid Caller, wearing a dapper knitted bathing costume, asked: How excited are you by these championships? And what do you think is the country's least exciting sport?

Mr Gary Sinker of Manchester: 'I'm not terribly excited. I have seen synchronised swimming on television - the only excitement there is seeing how long the swimmers can keep their heads under water. Rounders is a pretty dull sport, it's like a limp version of baseball.'

Mrs Jean Waters of Peterborough: 'I'm not interested in the championships although I have seen the sport and rather enjoyed it. It's quite graceful. Soccer is the most boring sport, all those overpaid players running around after a little ball.'

Mr Mark Stroak of Glasgow:

'I'm not excited by the championships one bit. I couldn't give a toss] In my opinion one of the most boring sports is hockey. I just can't understand its appeal.'

Mrs Kate Flood of Coventry: 'Synchronised swimming is quite a new sport. I find it quite relaxing to watch and very clever. The worst sport has to be cricket.'

Mr Stephen Pool of Bournemouth: 'I'd probably watch it if it is on television but I'm not really that keen. American football bores me to death, I'm not surprised they show it on Channel 4]'

Mr John Sinkins of Redruth:

'I've seen some synchronised swimming before and quite enjoyed it. If the championships come up on Grandstand I'll probably watch them happily. Tiddlywinks is pretty dull.'

Mrs Francoise Drown of Portsmouth: 'I would enjoy going to the championships very much, but my husband is home from

a four-week business trip on Saturday so I wouldn't be able to go. But I know

it's a beautiful event. The most boring sport in Britain is cricket.'

Mr Frank Buck of Butterfly Hairdressers, Macclesfield: 'I had no idea the championships were on. I'd have to admit to not being terribly interested. The dullest sport - if you can call it a sport - has to be chess. I'd say that was the case more than ever after the extensive coverage of the last few months.'

Mrs E Williams of Swansea: 'I'm not 'excited' by the synchronised swimming but I'd be content to watch it. The most boring sport around here is rugby - although I'm probably in a minority in saying that.'

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