De-icing areas rock salt won’t reach: the secret tricks of salt sticks


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As the nights draw in and Christmas creeps closer, now’s a good time to start preparing for those chilly months ahead. Temperatures can drop well below zero during winter, so it’s worth being ready for those teeth-chattering mornings and knee-knocking evenings.

Here at Safetyshop, we supply a wide range of products that will help keep you safe when the weather takes a turn for the worse, including our innovative de-icing salt dispenser sticks. They contain 1.5kg of the highest quality rock salt and are ideal for clearing small paths, steps or walkways without using heavy packs of grit. This quality product also allows for accurate spreading, thanks to the adjustable opening, and can be refilled time and time and again, meaning your money will be well spent.

While our dispenser sticks are ideal for reaching those tight corners and awkward angles, they can also be used in conjunction with conventional bags of rock salt. Simply fill the small tubes up as and when you need them, or take the salt directly from the bag to treat larger areas. As we stock a large range of supplies, you’ll be able to treat your premises quickly and efficiently on those cold winter days.

 The white premium salt we provide, for instance, works hard to break down thin layers of ice and snow and leaves virtually no trace behind when the job is done. It’s suitable for an array of surfaces including car parks, paths and stairways and prevents the hazards of icy conditions. This product is available in easy to handle 25kg bags and will sit nicely next to your salt sticks in store rooms or stock cupboards.

Safetyshop also offers health and safety products for all purposes, including brown grit salt which can be used liberally. It contains a high percentage of insoluble materials meaning that, unlike white salt, leaves a gritty residue wherever it is placed. This allows for extra traction underfoot and prevents cars from slipping and people from falling over. It too comes in 25kg bags and can be easily stored in grit bins or on pallets.

If you’re unsure which products you need this winter, it’s sensible to identify the hazards of your workspace – before making a purchase. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to buy equipment to meet your requirements.

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