GRE trims term assurance rates

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Guardian Royal Exchange is cutting its term assurance rates and now claims to be among the most competitive companies in this area of the market.

For example, 25-year term assurance of pounds 100,000 for a non-smoking male, aged 30, now costs pounds 18.20 a month, compared to pounds 23.86 before. Smokers see their premiums cut on the same policies, from pounds 35.80 to pounds 26.60.

The company is also cutting premiums on its separate Homeguard term assurance policies. Male non-smokers, aged 30, pay pounds 9.40 for a 25-year term assurance of pounds 50,000. Women pay pounds 7 for the same policy, down from pounds 9.20.

Couples, aged 30, taking out joint life cover of pounds 50,000 over a 25-year term see their premiums slashed, from pounds 19.33 under the old policy to pounds 11.90 with the new.

Existing policyholders continue to pay at the old rate, unless they decide to cancel their old policy and take out new cover. But the new price may vary because of age or other conditions.

Should policyholders want to switch their cover to GRE's Freedom endowment mortgage, no extra medical evidence will be needed.

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