Drivers say they're an honest bunch – but one in four lie to insurers

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One in four British motorists lie when applying for insurance, meaning their cover could be worthless, according to new research from the price comparison website

The study revealed the way many people stretch the truth as they try to cut costs. One in 10 applicants claim their vehicle is parked in a more secure area that it really is, and one in 20 are less than truthful about the distances they drive, the value of their car and the reasons they use it.

More seriously, drivers may give false addresses, or lie about their penalty points or any criminal convictions received.

While a quarter of drivers admitted to lying, 98 per cent said they considered themselves to be honest people. Almost half said insurance fraud was only as bad as "pinching a chocolate bar" or "travelling on public transport without a valid ticket".

Steve Grainger, head of, said people underestimated the seriousness of their actions: "Lying to an insurer is often considered to be a 'victimless crime' but that is far from the truth. Entering inaccurate information could make a policy worthless, leaving motorists at considerable risk."

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