Passport, sun cream, With more of us chasing the

If the experts are right, more of us are likely to go abroad on holiday this year – encouraged by a possible upturn in the economy and hoping to find some good weather overseas. But the 25 million of us that are likely to leave these shores this summer, according to estimates from the travel association Abta, will find a world that is changing fast.

Simon Read: Car insurance costs should be fair, not driven up by

Drivers are being ripped off by £200m each year because of "unnecessary costs" being heaped on them after accidents, the Competition Commission warned this week. Insurance costs have been bumped up – by about £8 a policy – by the use of expensive replacement cars and repairs, which are often not up to scratch, according to the Commission.

Car and home cover is getting cheaper

The cost of a year's car insurance has plummeted by a record 3 per cent over the past three months to £594.86. That's the lowest annual premium since January 2011.