Legal aid limits deny access to millions

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THE financial eligibility limits for legal aid have been changed this week.

The Green Form Scheme provides initial legal advice and assistance. The disposable income limit has been raised from pounds 61 to pounds 70 a week. But you must qualify on both income and capital limits.

You do not qualify for the Green Form scheme if you have no dependants and capital of more than pounds 1,000.

If you cannot resolve your legal problem through this, you can apply for civil legal aid to pursue the matter to court.

If your annual disposable income is more than pounds 7,060, (pounds 7,780 for personal injury cases), you do not qualify for legal aid.

If your income is between pounds 2,382 and pounds 7,060 you can get legal aid, but you have to make a contribution to the costs. Below pounds 2,382, you qualify with no contribution.

If your disposable capital is more than pounds 6,750 (pounds 8,560 for personal injuries) you cannot obtain legal aid unless you are on income support. If your disposable income is between pounds 3,000 and pounds 6,750 you can qualify but must pay a contribution. Below pounds 3,000 you are eligible with no contribution.

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