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The average mortgage rate hits 2.99 per cent; fight credit card limit increases; how to react to stock market turmoil; mobile phone firm 3 doubles tariff cost

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You should switch your mortgage

What do you reckon is the average mortgage interest rate? Not the rate you pay, but the average across all mortgages? Last month it was just 2.99 per cent. If you have a mortgage and are paying more than that, you’re being charged more than most.

You could save up to £500 a month - £6,000 a year - by switching from the highest standard variable rate to today's lowest two year fixed rate deal, if you have a £200,000 25 year repayment mortgage.

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Watch out if your crdit card limit is increased

Has your credit card company increased your spending limit? Almost 19 million credit card holders have had their credit limit increased without requesting it, according to new research.

While that may sound relatively harmless, the uSwitch research suggests that some 4.5 million of people handed a higher limit have seen their spending spiral as a result of the temptation of easy extra credit.

Why you should say no to an increase in your credit card limit

Stock market turmoil - what to do

The stock market has fallen into a bear market, where share prices have fallen so far, it encourages more selling. In the worst cases, investors panic and try to cut their losses by selling more and more. The market can thus become set on a self-perpetuating downward spiral.

But panic is never a basis for making an investment decision. Indeed, when some people are losing their heads, an opportunity arises for others to pick up great deals.

You should sit tight and ride out the financial storm

Popular mobile tariff almost doubles in charge

The mobile network Three has ended its “all you can eat” mobile tariff and customers aren't happy. The contract, which cost £17 a month and offered unlimited data and calls has been replaced with a £30 one.

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