Case Study: First-time buyer

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Peter Newman, trainee barrister

Lives: Brixton, London, but planning to move into new property in June

Age: 26

Income: Unpaid, but will earn £30,000 from summer

Company benefits: None

Outgoings: Has just bought flat in Brixton for £225,000, with an mortgage at £780 a month. Council tax £50 a month, other bills unknown.£30 to £40 a week on wine.

Politics: Centre left, voted Lib Dem. Now unsure.

Hopes for Budget: No rise in income tax. More for schools, NHS, and legal aid.

Effect of Budget: Alcohol duty rise will cost £9 a year.

Reaction: "The rise in the stamp duty threshold does not make any difference to me and I wonder what the point is. You will be lucky to find a flat or house for that price in London.

"I am disappointed there was not more for criminal justice. There have been a lot of cuts in the system, some which affect its quality. I also think it is wrong to give £75 a week to 17-year-olds to stay at school."

Arifa Akbar

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