Bargain Hunter: Simples? Bag yourself a meerkat cheap cinema deal for less than £2

Users at the money-saving website have worked out that a spend of just a couple of quid can secure access to a year's cheap films

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When launched its Meerkat Movies earlier this month – offering a year's cheap films – it pointed out that you could spend as little as £25 and still get the deal. Now users at the money-saving website have worked out that a spend of just a couple of quid can secure access to the offer.

How? Just go to and buy a single UK travel insurance policy for a day. On the site, users say that quotes start from as little as £1.37, although when Bargain Hunter tried it, the quote was £1.89, and others say they have been quoted more than £2 – which may reflect higher charges for older people. However, even at that price it looks like a definite bargain.

Under the scheme, you have to download a new code every week and use it the following Tuesday or Wednesday to get two cinema tickets for the price of one.

EE powers up offer for portable phone charger

Those looking to sign up to EE's new free Power Bar can do so from next Thursday, 16 April. Then mobile customers must text POWER to 365 to get a unique code, which they need to take into an EE store to pick up a free portable smartphone charger.

Broadband customers, meanwhile, must text JOIN plus their EE landline number to 60005 and follow the instructions provided. Texts cost 35p.

The Power Bar can then be swapped for a fully charged replacement at any EE store if you find yourself out of power on both your phone and your charger.

Beware of half-baked ideas for saving money

Beware of money-saving tips that end up costing you more. Deepak Tailor of reckons people have become so keen to grab a bargain that they've forgotten to work out the real cost.

"For instance, baking your own bread may not save you anything," he says. "The cost of ingredients means it is often more expensive than buying a loaf."

Other false economies to watch out for include free furniture and cheap petrol.

"Driving five miles to a petrol station to get fuel for 1p a litre less actually uses up more petrol on an average car than you'd save filling the tank," he points out. "Meanwhile getting furniture for nothing from a free site could turn out to be more expensive than from a shop if you need to hire a van to collect it."

A 99p cab ride if you share with another passenger

Londoners can get minicab rides for 99p next week. The offer comes from a new ride-sharing app that launches on Monday 13 April.

SPLYT claims to offer savings of up to 40 per cent on fares if you share a journey with another passenger. To book a 99p minicab ride, download the app from, and register to receive a promo code, The offer runs until Sunday 19 April.

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