Bargain Hunter: Your direct route to see a Wonder of the World

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Ever seen one of the "Modern Wonders of the World"? Can you even name them? Two thirds of people can't, but there's chance to win a trip to one of the Modern Wonders in a new "seven- day" prize draw launched this week by Direct Line.

To win the big prize you'll need to have a motor or home policy with the insurer, but there are daily prizes of up to £70 to win at

The Modern Seven Wonders are Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer; the Great Wall of China; the Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru; the ancient city of Petra in Jordan; the pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico; the Roman Colosseum; and the Taj Mahal in India.

Ring the changes or phone and broadband will cost more

It looks like we're all going to be paying more for our home phone and broadband services as all the big suppliers have announced price rises.

Sky has increased a family bundle of TV and broadband by £3 a month, while TalkTalk has raised its "Essentials" broadband service from £3.50 a month to £5. Virgin Media, meanwhile, is increasing some of its bundles by £3 a month.

From today, customers of BT will be receiving letters setting out its own price hikes, with the cost rising by up to 6.94 per cent in September. The standard line rental for customers paying by direct debit, for instance, is increasing by £1, or 5.89 per cent, to £17.99.

So it is now essential to check your deal and switch if you don't want to pay the extra cash. With BT, for instance, if you do nothing, you'll be charged extra from 20 September.

However, the media giant has some deals that could bring savings if you switch to them. For instance, BT Basic is a low-cost phone service for low-income customers. The price will remain at £5.10 a month even after September. Meanwhile the company's Home Phone Saver 2018 offers a traditional phone service at £20.99 a month, with prices fixed until 2018.

With phone and broadband costs climbing this summer, switching to a better deal now could save you hundreds in the future.

Discounts twice over if you load up on Sainsbury's wine

It could be time to stock up with wine at Sainsbury's as the supermarket giant has relaunched its offer of 25 per cent off if you buy six bottles. The good part here is that the discount comes on top of the retailer's existing offers .

The deal is available in-store and online until Sunday 2 August and is available on all wine, champagne, sherry and port. Example? The "Taste the Difference" Conegliano Prosecco, which has been reduced from £10 to £7, will only cost £5.62 for the next nine days if you buy six bottles.

Banks try to bring students on board with cheaper travel

The beginning of the annual student campaign by the banks began this week with NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland releasing details of its 2015 deal. This year the group is handing students a National Express Young Persons Coachcard, which offers up to a third off all coach travel for four years. That's a useful freebie and the account also includes a free overdraft of up to £500 in the student's first term, which increases to £2,000 afterwards.

However, it's wise to compare the offers from the other banking giants before signing up.

Five weeks to build up a 'bonus' at Morrisons

Morrisons has launched its "Summer Bonus" scheme, giving shoppers £15 off their summer shopping at the supermarket.

The scheme starts on Monday and runs for five weeks until 30 August. Customers will get a Summer Bonus coupon every time they spend £40 or more in store or online.

To be eligible for the £15 reward, you'll have to collect four different coupons within the five possible weeks.

If you do so, the £15 reward must then be spent in store or online between 31 August and 6 September.

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