Ecotricity backs The Independent's energy price campaign with online film


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Green energy company Ecotricity has backed The Independent’s campaign to highlight the high prices of the Big Six energy firms by producing an online film which is rapidly going viral.

It’s already been viewed 1.6m times and Ecotricity boss Dale Vince believes now is the right moment for people to vote with their energy bills, Dump the Big Six and bring the UK into a green energy future.

“Our film features crumbling cooling towers as symbols of a passing era, of the old industrial approach to energy production - through burning fossil fuels,” he said. “And the campaign itself is taking place in the (relatively) new world of social media, a place that enables and empowers people to come together, voice opinions and bring about change - in a way that has never been possible before. It’s digitally-enabled democracy.”

The Independent’s End the Big Six Energy Fix campaign in conjunction with think tank Compass has already provoked widespread debate across the media. Mr Vince hopes his film will do the same.


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