Five Questions About: Energy-saving


Is this some more green nonsense?

No, it's about making your home more energy efficient to cut the cost of heating bills. Citizens Advice has been running Big Energy Saving Week to help people reduce their fuel bills and get all the financial support to which they they are entitled.

But it will help save the planet too, won't it?

Well, yes, but think of the pounds that can be saved by improving energy-efficiency. If you're in an old property, the right improvements could cut hundreds off heating bills.

You've convinced me. What do I have to do?

Get some advice on how to insulate your home and use less energy. Find out about any help you're entitled to, such as any grants available from local councils or energy suppliers. Check prices to see if there's a cheaper deal for you.

If it's just about cutting bills, can't I just turn the heating down and put on an extra jumper?

There's no need to do that if you make your home more energy-efficient and, yes, green.

OK. Where can I find out more?

Try the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99. It's free and offers independent advice to people and families on low incomes about managing their energy bills. Help available includes rebates, grants for insulation and new boilers, and advice on saving energy.