How to take a break: Case Studies

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'It's worth paying for a nanny to have a babysitter every night'

Family Holiday: Dawn James, 36 PR Executive

Dawn James is going on a summer holiday to Cannes with her husband, Simon, a barrister, and their 11-month old baby Thomas. She is taking her nanny along too.

'We really need a holiday and we like luxury. We are staying at a five-star hotel in the heart of Cannes within walking distance of the beach. The nanny alone will cost us an extra £150 per day in accommodation but we think it is worth it because she can babysit Thomas every night.

'Before I go, I will definitely visit the beautician and the hairdresser. You have to look glamorous in Cannes. It really makes a difference if you look great on holiday.

'Holidays are also my time for catching up on my reading. I buy a paperback book for every day, which costs around £70 a week.

'I already have lots of beautiful summer wear but I will visit the sales and buy a few lovely items to bring my wardrobe up to date. I love Pucci prints so I will probably buy a Pucci dress this summer. Also, I need a bag for the beach, and some lovely soft beach towels.

'Thomas is 11 months old and he already has quite a substantial wardrobe but I will be buying him extra swimsuits, hats and T-shirts. The dogs also need to be looked after when we are away, which will cost £100 per dog.

'Altogether, I will spend £1,275 on extras for Thomas and me, and that doesn't include the nanny.'

Clothing: Pucci bikini and sarong (£170)

Summer dress (Designer, £300 in sales)

Strappy shoes (£70)

Beauty products: Hair highlighting (£100)

A holiday wax (£50)

Manicure and pedicure at Chelsea Nail Studio (£80)

I like to have a sun bronzed look on the first day of my holiday, so I am booked in for a body scrub and St Tropez tanning treatment in London (£60).


Chanel sunglasses (£120) but I am getting a pair of prescription sunglasses from Specsavers which are free.

Others: Car parking at the airport while we are away will cost over £100.

Thomas will need two all-over sun swimsuits (John Lewis, £35) and four or five hats (£35). Factor 30 sunscreen (£30)

'As a student, I don't have lots of money but still like to travel'

Budget Holiday Chisato Nishiyori, 23, Student

Chisato Nishiyori, a student of politics and international relations, from Pimlico in London, is going to Ibiza with a girlfriend this summer. They are planning to get a last minute cheap flight, costing around £100, and will be staying for free in a friend's apartment, who is a DJ on the island.

'I am a student so I don't have lots of extra money to spend on holidays. We wanted to go to Ibiza because it is sun and sand and the nightlife is fantastic. We will probably be dancing until dawn every night. It's definitely a young person's holiday.

'The flights are cheap and the accommodation is taken care of, so I will have a little bit more to spend on extras. I already have quite a lot of beach and summer wear, but I will definitely buy a new bikini and sarong. I already have designer sunglasses. I buy in advance and don't really like to shop in airports, unless I have forgotten something essential like sunscreen.

'When I get to Ibiza, I will probably put aside quite a lot of spending money for drinks and taxis. It is all very well having a good time, but you have to make sure you can get safely home afterwards. All in all I expect to spend around £470 on extras.'

Clothing: T-Shirts/casual tops (Gap, from £10)

Scarf/sarong (£40)

Summer dress (high street shop from £30)

Bikini (A friend of mine has her own line of beachwear - Beachbum by Ebony&Pearl. I chose a beautiful hand-beaded bikini. They cost anything from £30 upwards).

Beauty Products: Miniature products (Molton Brown does compact size take-aways with cleanser, toner, moisturiser about £20, plus shampoo/ conditioner/styling product miniatures from Charles Worthington, total about £15)

Bronzer (£15)

Sunscreen/Aftersun foundation (I always buy foundation in a darker shade for when tanned, £30).

Waterproof mascara (£20)


Earrings (Butler & Wilson has some beautiful earrings from £30 upwards. A good way to dress up casual wear).

Beach basket type bag (£40Because you can't take your usual handbags to the beach)


Waxing (£30 upwards)

Manicure/Pedicure (£40)

Haircut (£60)


Books, magazines and CDs (£30)

'It's costing a lot but I'll enjoy it'

Solo Traveller: Ben Saer, 35, Music Industry Executive

Ben Saer, is planning to visit New Orleans in the United States. He will stay in a hotel and spend time enjoying the city's thriving jazz music scene and visiting relatives.

'I love visiting the United States because my father is American and I have lots of family out there. My holiday is costing me quite a lot but I will really enjoy my break.

'I don't do a lot of pre-holiday shopping because I have plenty of summer wear. It is much cheaper to buy clothes in the US when I get there anyway.

'I am going to splash out on a light linen suit and a few T-shirts but the rest of my clothes will come straight out of my usual wardrobe. I am going to do a lot of walking or use the streetcar to get around, which is inexpensive.

'Food is also quite cheap and I don't drink much alcohol, so I am probably going to spend around £900 over and above the price of flights and accommodation.'


Linen suit in the sales (£300)

Leather sandals (£100)

T-shirts (from £20)


Travel pillow (£14.99).

Canon Ixus V2 compact camera (£246.99).

Factor 30 sunscreen (£20).


Prescription sunglasses (around £100)

New Orleans guide book (£10)

Mini fan to keep cool (£10)

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