Questions Of Cash: What's happened to my flight refund?

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Q. I feel frustrated over the slow handling of my ticket refund. I paid £710 in cash for a return ticket in September for a London-Nairobi-Llongwe trip. I was forced to cancel my flight because my niece who was staying with me was unwell. I was told by my travel agent that I would lose over £200 on the cancellation. But after more than two months, I have still not received a refund of the balance of the payment from Kenya Airways.
CS, London

A. We are similarly frustrated, having been in contact with Kenya Airways since November to try to resolve this matter and having our repeated communications ignored. Eventually, Kenya Airways told us that your travel agent had applied for a refund from the agent from which it had bought your ticket. The second agent also submitted the claim, but this was rejected in the computerised claims-handling process on the grounds that no reason for flight cancellation had been given.

It seems that this put an end to matters, until we said that we would be featuring your case. Your claim has now been resurrected, with the promise of a speedy resolution. Kenya Airways suggests that, if you wish to fly with it again, you book direct.

Q. I am in the process of buying a Spanish property and have been looking at the online currency-transfer specialist Moneycorp. It offers better rates, and the process seems less complicated than with a bank. But I'm concerned about the risk involved. Would my money be safe if the company folded?
RC, by e-mail

A. Moneycorp is a large, reputable currency exchanger, whose rates can be better than banks'. A spokeswoman adds: "Moneycorp holds all money from clients in a client fund account, which means that it cannot be touched by Moneycorp if it were to go into receivership. Moneycorp uses HSBC to transfer all monies overseas. As the money goes into the client account at HSBC and not to Moneycorp directly, the transaction is as safe as using HSBC."

Q. Orange has repeatedly charged me for "excess data", claiming I go over my 800Mb limit, when I use 50Mb a month. The dispute is now going to court.
SL, by e-mail

A. Orange says that it was "a billing error" and has written off the incorrect charges.

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