Spotlight On: Santander's free satnav

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The deal

Santander is giving away the choice of either a TomTom Start satnav worth £99 or £50 cash back to anyone who takes out a new car insurance policy before the end of the year over the telephone.

The good points

If you don't have a TomTom a free one is welcome, as is the £50 alternative.

The bad points

But, of course, the TomTom or fifty quid is not free. You have to take out Santander car cover over the phone to get it.


Freebies offered when you buy car insurance have to be taken with a large pinch of salt. In simple terms, if you end up paying over the odds for cover just to get the free gift or cashback, then you are a fool. There's also a risk that in your haste to snaffle the freebie you end up taking out the wrong type of insurance. It's crucial to get the cover you need. If you can get it from one of Santander's panel of insurers at the same price as elsewhere then go ahead and take the satnav or cash. If not, don't.

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