Tesco blow as discount on six wine bottles ends

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Wine shoppers at Tesco have been angered by the supermarket's decision last month to suddenly scrap a long-standing discount deal when you buy six bottles. The supermarket chain gave anyone who bought half-a-dozen bottles of wine 5 per cent off the cost.

But no longer. The move was made with no fanfare, leaving many people effectively paying 5 per cent more than they planned to for their wine. "I didn't discover that I hadn't got any usual discount until I checked the receipt later on," said reader Martin Jones. "I've got into the habit of buying wine in bulk to take advantage of the offer, so it was a little annoying to have it withdrawn with no notice."

When challenged Tesco told The Independent: "Very few customers were choosing to make use of the offer to save 5 per cent on six bottles, as they found other offers are now even more attractive."

Britain's biggest supermarket has had several other offers, including buy any four Tesco finest bottles to save 20 per cent. But if you want to be able to regularly get 5 per cent off six bottles, Sainsbury's offers it, as well as a range of other deals.

Other supermarkets contacted by The Independent, including Asda and Waitrose, also pointed to their ranges of ever-changing deals, but none said they offered a permanent deal as Tesco did and Sainsbury's still does although Waitrose said: "We, on occasion, offer 'buy 6 bottles, save 25 per cent'."

To get the best deals means planning ahead. Most discount sites include the latest wine offers. Voucher Codes, for instance, lists offers from Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, VirgWine Hound, Laithwaites and M&S. Meanwhile Top Cashback has offers for Waitrose, Adnams Cellar, Vintage Wine and Serenata.

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