The gift that helps poor businesses overseas


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An investment in an entrepreneur living in poverty in the developing world could prove to be the most inspiring gift you give this Christmas.

A £15 voucher from Lend With Care gives the recipient the chance to choose an individual entrepreneur in the developing world they can help.

But after a year they can get their money back to keep or lend to another small business overseas.

It's an initiative from international development charity CARE International UK and The Co-operative which lets people in the UK lend small amounts of money to entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses in poor communities around the world.

Dragons' Den star, Deborah Meaden, recently visited Cambodia to see Lend With Care in action.

She said: "It introduced me to a whole new kind of entrepreneur. They don't want to be millionaires – they just want to survive, and make a better life for themselves and their families."

Paul Monaghan, head of social goals at The Co-operative, said: "Ethical gifts are well established, but the big advantage of this scheme is that the loan is repaid so the recipient can get the money back as well as doing some good."

The Lend With Care gift vouchers start from £15 and are available in a range of designs which can be sent via email or downloaded and printed. They are available to buy at vouchers.

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