Webchat: How to get the best out of your bank

Log on to our web TV show for advice from money man Lawrence Gold on getting the best deals, best advice and best service no matter who you bank with
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Today at 3pm.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with your bank then you’re not alone. A recent study has revealed that most of us are unsatisfied with the service we receive, with many of us claiming that our banks don’t even meet our most basic expectations.

For more than half of those asked, online banking is the most important aspect of our bank’s service. But with more and more glass walls, automated telephone services and call centres it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate directly with banks.

So, how can you make sure your money is working for you and your bank is working for your money?

Financial expert Lawrence Gold and others join us for a webchat at 3pm today to discuss how to get the best out of your bank.

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